MNP ProcedureMobile number portability or MNP procedure allows you to change  change from one mobile service provider to other without having to change the mobile phone number.In other words MNP is a procedure which allows you to keep a mobile phone number even after changing a network operator. Hence without any worry of losing the mobile number, MNP procedure gives liberty to the mobile subscribers to stop the services from a service operator. If you have any nuisance with the present mobile service operator, mobile number portability helps the mobile users to switch to a new service operator. In India, both prepaid and postpaid mobile users can benefit from mobile number portability / MNP procedure. It works well on both CDMA and GSM options.

Simple ways for Availing Mobile Number Portability or MNP Procedure

Procedure 1.
Send a SMS “PORT” to the number 1900
In case you want MNP for 9123456789, your SMS will be PORT 9123456789.

Procedure 2.
With a matchless ‘porting code’, you will get a SMS.

Procedure 3.

Send your distinctive porting code as SMS to your preferred service operator. It will be stated from the date of request that specific porting code is usable only for a period of few days. Hence you need to SMS the porting code to your preferred service provider at the earliest or you may have to request for another porting code.

Procedure 4.

After confirming there are no pending bills only, your current network operator will check with your new service operator and will approve for porting.

Procedure 5.

A SMS will be sent with the date and time of porting. As per the current rules, MNP procedure or mobile number portability will only take about 4 days from the date of request. Along with the identity and proof of address documents you will also have to submit a MNP form to the preferred new mobile operator.

Procedure 6.

You will receive a SMS confirming change from your preferred service provider after the MNP procedure is finished. At the time of porting, your phone number will remain disconnected for about 2 hours. You will be under the new service provider after your phone number reconnects to live with the same old cell phone number.