Emergency CallsIs it possible to make emergency calls without SIM card? Yes and find below how you can do it. No signals on your phone means you cannot make calls. The reason for it is your phone is not able to connect to a nearby tower. But if you don’t even have a SIM card. This is a different kind of situation. Still without a SIM card, accessing mobile networks is technically possible. However, you cannot make any personal calls as they are blocked by he service providers. Few of the emergency numbers are allowed. In most of the countries, a single emergency number is available. For example 100 or 108 and special permissions are available to access any network at any location and at any time.

How exactly can you make Emergency Calls without SIM card?

It is a simple logic. Actually your SIM card does not have any parts required to make a call. It only has your phone number and carrier information. To put it simply it only has the information which your cell phone uses for authentication of network. Basically your SIM card helps to verify whether the user is registered one or not and has the needed credits to make a call. In case of an emergency call, the network redirects the call to the emergency help desk without checking you identity.

SOS Network

At times you see a SOS in some phones. It is an indication that you can only make emergency calls. This usually happens whenever your cell is out of the coverage area of your network. But during a emergency, it can connect to other networks.

If you receive the SOS even when you are meant to have a good service, then it means there is a problem with your SIM card or it might be that your account may be restricted.