LUKAS KORYNTA EDITING TIPS // viewing is a hot topic in photography currently. I’m being asked about presets along with my article processing All of the time on Instagram along with the questions are largely the same -“Can you sell presets?” And”How to achieve a film look?” (Update: You guys asked for it so here it was, I finally released my presets, CHECK IT OUT HERE). Possessing a excellent preset is a key but I believe editing is about your fashions and individual tastes. Below are a few of my editing strategies for soft skin tones and earthy tones that will help you find the look you’re going for. 1. Repair Yellows for Earthy TonesOut of these editing tips this one has likely a largest effect. Yellows and greens are normally oversaturated during a bright sunny day and attracting down the tear just a tiny bit will change the disposition significantly. Wether you like rich tones or muted tones, then try to be as consistent as possible with different photos too. You’ll locate the slider in HSL section in Lightroom. 2. Whites vs. HighlightsIf you use latest Lightroom, you likely detected”highlights” and”whites” along with”shadows” and”blacks”. Selecting which ones you’ll bring up or down will have important impact on how harsh or soft your edit will be. Moving highlights up and shadows down can create a nice soft 어스 톤라이트룸 프리셋 무료 kor appearance but it doesn’t work for all types of photos. I would suggest to experiment with this to find out these sliders functions. Click the image to switch between BEFORE / AFTER 3. Curves for greater ContrastPlaying with curves will be the ideal method to produce your photo pop just a tiny bit. Adjust the curve into some little S silhouette to make it more lively. I favor adjusting the curve instead before playing contrast slider. I simply think it looks simpler and more consistent throughout the group. 4. Do not worry the VignetteLightroom offers excellent feature that automatically eliminates the vignette based on what lens you’ve got. Though it can be very helpful sometimes, I favor just a small vignette in all my photographs. I actually don’t mind black corners, they attract attention to the center of the shot and make nice soft appearance. 5. Warmer is BetterWhen photos feel too washed out and folks have really unhealthy looking skin tones, so it is probably a white balance problem. If you shoot with your camera on auto white balance, photos generally end up being too cold. At least for the own taste. So I love to go mad with temperature slider in Lightroom and then slowly move back till it feels right. For some reason that it works much better for me than moving up the slider