Personal Finance Tidy Up Your Life: Where to Sell or Donate Old Clothes and Other Used ItemsPublished: | Updated: | Followed by: Venus Zoleta | Personal FinanceLetting go of something is N’t Straightforward. Case in point: the heaps of clothes you don’t wear anymore. What should you plan to do with them? If you have heard of this KonMari method from the favorite Netflix show”Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” you know exactly what to do: let’s go of things that don’t spark joy[1]. Filipino millennials have different methods of purging unwanted things. A 2017 YouGov poll [2] discovered that 70 percent of these pass on old clothing to friends or family, 47% contribute to charities, along with 16% promote on line. One in eight adults (such as older generations) or 12 percent have chucked used garments in the garbage bin. Rather than throwing away your litter and including crap to landfills, consider selling or donating to people who might need them. The way to Sell Old Clothes, Books, and additional Employed ItemsGarage SaleIf you’ve got sufficient time and additional space at home, you are able to have a weekend garage sale. Let your neighbors and friends learn about it by distributing flyers and announcing that the sale on your own social networking accounts. You want to organize a larger joint sale in your community. Coordinate with friends, churchmates, or friends to bring all your 9 Websites Where You Can Sell Your Old Clothes For Money things together and host a garage sale in a large place, like a basketball court or operate hall. Online MarketplacesNo time to arrange a garage sale? It’s possible to sell products online. Buy-and-sell websites such as Carousell, Shopee, and OLX enable selling of second-hand clothes, gadgets, furniture, books, and more. These e-commerce websites make it effortless for anyone to sell used items on the web. To begin, simply make an account, upload photos of your merchandise, and provide the item description. Promoting on Facebook and Instagram is just one of the fastest methods to eliminate your old things, particularly if you have a whole lot of friends and followers. Also, there are legitimate buy-and-sell Facebook groups such as Declutter MNL and Manila Furniture Buy And Sell where people can make money from selling things they no more use. Charities from the Philippines Where You Can Donate in KindCaritas Manila’s Segunda ManaPhoto out of Segunda Mana Facebook pageSegunda Mana will be now Caritas Manila’s fund-raising project. Donations in kind have been sold in bazaars; profits from sales are utilized to finance the charity’s programs for the poor. What you could contribute:Old but usable itemsUsed things with valueNew itemsOld stocks along with non-moving inventoriesHow to contribute: Call (02) or to 25 or send an email to segunda_mana@yahoo. Com to schedule a donation pickup. Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC)CDRC assists survivors of floods, fires, and other disasters